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17 December 2011

We Won a Genealogy Award!

I am delighted to tell you that today (the same day that our Kiva team reached the milestone of 100 members) Genealogists for Families received a GeneaBlog Award for 'Best New Community Project'. The press release, GeneaPress: 2011 GeneaBlog Award Winners Announced, begins:

Tamura Jones' annual GeneaBlog Award for 2011 honors four genealogy bloggers. He writes, 'One fun thing about the Genealogy Blog Awards is that it does not have fixed categories. Every year I look for blogs to highlight, and then create a fitting category just for them. There is no fixed number of awards either. This year, the Genealogy Blog Awards highlights just four genealogy blogs, but these sure are four worthy ones.'

When you read the full press release, check out the other three award winning blogs. I especially enjoy Clue Wagon, which has some of the funniest posts I've ever read.

This award belongs to our entire Kiva team and everyone else who has supported the project and advised and encouraged me over the past three months. Thank you, and congratulations!


  1. Press release? What press release? What magic is this? How can be there be a press release, when I have never sent out press release for the GeneaBlog Awards?
    Ooh, it's the Dear wizard of MYRTLE ;-)

  2. Great news Judy and well deserved!

  3. Thanks Cassmob - I am very proud of my team. :-)


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