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03 February 2012

'Rewards Central' Tip for Australians

Note: this tip only applies if you live in Australia.

If you use Rewards Central (which I mentioned in my post about online surveys), log in and go to Earn - Email rewards - then '8046 Our 10th anniversary giveaway'.

You can also order some great things free (except for postage) from Vistaprint. I ordered the free sticky notes, tote bag and mouse mat, all customised to advertise Genealogists for Families and the blog's Web address. Then I explored the rest of the site and ordered a free T-shirt, free pen and free bumper sticker, all publicising Genealogists for Families. I will wear the T-shirt at Congress 2012.

In my next blog post I will share the design I created for the T-shirt. You may want one too!

I will use the sticky notes, tote bag, mouse mat, pen and bumper sticker for a prize draw, or auction them at the next team meet-up and put the proceeds towards more Kiva loans. Are there any other team members willing to order freebies and do the same?


  1. Nope, not coming up with anything on my login Judy. Sorry I can't help.

  2. If you are not seeing 'Earn -> Email rewards -> 8046 Our 10th anniversary giveaway', it will be because you did not opt in to email rewards. Click 'Account settings' (top of page) and check your settings under 'Preferences' and 'Email subscriptions'.


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