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15 December 2011

Recruiter's Reward Winner Announced

On November 5th, in 'Recruiter's Reward', I said that to help the project grow I would give a $25 Kiva Card to the Genealogists for Families team member who recruited the most new Kiva members by 15 Dec 2011. I also explained how to use your personal referral link.

There was a very clear winner - Peter. He recruited 22 people via his LostCousins newsletter. Congratulations and thank you, Peter! Please email me and tell me where to send your Kiva Card.

In a more recent LostCousins newsletter Peter says that between Christmas and New Year the LostCousins site will be totally free. That is, all members will have subscriber privileges whether nor not they have paid a subscription. I'm glad I heard about this is advance. I've recently found more relatives in the 1911 British census, and if I enter them on my LostCousins page before the free period starts, it will increase my chances of being contacted by others who are researching my families.

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  1. Peter has very generously donated his Kiva Card to be used as another prize. We have not yet decided how the winner should be chosen. I have a couple of ideas that I will discuss with Peter, but I would welcome your suggestions.


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