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28 February 2012

Kiva - there's an App for that! (Tuesday's Tip)

Have you have ever wished that it was easier to find a particular type of borrower (for example, one who needs a loan for further education)? There's an app for that!

If you are missing your 'preferred' borrowers because those loans are fully funded within hours, Kiva Alerts can send you an email whenever a suitable borrower is listed. For example, if you want to know about loans to students at Strathmore University in Kenya, set an alert for 'Loans from Field Partner'  - 'Strathmore University'.

Play around with the drop-down menu to set up alerts that match your favourite selection criteria.

This is just one of the applications that Kiva's App Gallery has for your computer, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.

Join the Genealogists for Families Kiva team. Together we are making a difference!

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  1. Thanks for posting this - this is a great facility. You do need your lender ID number to set the application up. You can find your number by clicking this link https://www.kiva.org/myLenderId (you do need to log in)

    One thing, it does give an option to change your Lender ID. If you do this any invites you have previously issued will not work. I tweet mine, so I retweeted!


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