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16 February 2012

Meet the Team: Julie Goucher

This week's guest post is by Genealogists for Families team member Julie Goucher from Devon, England.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I have a career in pharmacy management and a history degree. I live in the South West of England, but am originally from Surrey, where the vast majority of my ancestors are from, although I do have family links to several continents! I have been researching my family history since 1986. I am also a keen reader and love books, quilts and antiques.

What do lending and participating in this project mean to you?

Initially I wasn't sure. I wanted to support, but I wanted to do this with a genealogical link, almost a personal challenge or memorial. I do though believe that even in the very smallest of ways we can help others to make a difference to their lives.

Did you choose particular borrowers because their occupations or situations have some significance in your family history or your own life?

I made my first loan to commemorate the birthday of my late Grandmother. I chose a particular individual in Sierra Leone because he was looking after several family members, purely because they were his family which I thought was wonderful, and embracing of the ethos of this group. My Grandfather was stationed in Sierra Leone during the Second World War, so that was a nice additional link to the loan.

Do you have a strategy for raising funds or saving for your $25 loans?

No particular strategy. I am simply going to make monthly loans to commemorate specific events with my family and perhaps link in with specific locations. The July loan is likely to be in celebration of my Wedding Anniversary and probably an individual or two in Kenya as that is where I got married!

Web site or blog?

Anglers Rest (http://anglersrest.blogspot.com)

Your main family history interests?

My family links are deep in the Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire Borders of the UK and a fairly random link to Warwickshire. I also have family links to Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand - not to mention Sicily, as I am half Sicilian.
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  1. Julie, thanks for joining Genealogists for Families. I think your idea of making 'commemorative loans' is brilliant, and I will follow your example. It would be lovely if local team members could meet you when you come to Australia later this year.

  2. Hi Julie, Great to hear a little more about you. I love the idea of linking family and place events. You may have started a trend! I've been doing a few to Kenya as our daughter is currently living there. How interesting that you were married there. A shame Darwin isn't on your Aussie tour adventure. Can't tempt you?

  3. I would love to Pauline, but just how we would manage it in the time frame is anyone's guess. I am planning to meet up with Judy and anyone else who can make the local meet when in Oz in the Autumn, or your Spring!

    1. Julie, email me when you know your Australian itinerary. If you are not coming to Queensland I may be able to schedule my trip to Sydney to coincide with your time there.

  4. Sounds like a great idea, and good luck with the meet up, very envious.

    1. Hello Carole. Nice to see a new face on this blog. :-)

  5. I finally went and signed up. Now trying to figure out which of the many projects I will support. Such a tough choice.

    1. Thanks for joining the team, Kristin. I see that you chose a group in the Dominican Republic. One of my best mates often does the same. Friends of hers worked there and loved the local people.


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