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09 February 2012

T-shirts and Other Genealogy Conference Gear

How can we raise awareness of the Genealogists for Families project when we attend family history conferences?

* Wear a special T-shirt. I designed and ordered one from Vistaprint.

* Wear a tag (in a pin-on plastic name tag holder, not a lanyard) that says, in big black letters, 'Ask me what GFF is'.

* Hand out flyers. Design your own, or ask me to email you the one I use. To save paper, I print two to an A4 page and cut the pages in half.

* Have interesting examples to show people. Print the top section (down to the map) of the profiles for this group and this individual.

* Include the project's Web address on your genealogy trading cards. These are 'business cards' with your name, contact details, Website, blog, Twitter name, etc. I usually print my own (using sheets of cards available at Officeworks) but I also ordered some (free) from Vistaprint.

What else would you suggest?


  1. If you are a speaker, depending on the event, you may be able to have a slide or two that you can briefly show at the end of your presentation.

    1. Good point, Shauna. At the very least we could have a a slide (with large font) on the screen during question time:

      Genealogists for Families project


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