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20 September 2012

Two More Awards for Genealogists for Families

In 2011 we won the GeneaBlog Award for 'Best New Community Project'. Now, a week before Genealogists for Families celebrates its first birthday, I am proud to announce that the project has received two more awards.

From Pauleen we received the HUG (Hope Unites Globally) Award:   "What you have done to set up and continue the Genealogists for Families group definitely fits... Thanks for all you do to bring hope to the world!"

To accept this award I must in turn nominate someone else. I don't suppose anyone will be surprised to hear that I am nominating Kiva.

From Jill we received the Illuminating Blogger Award:   "Genealogists for Families Project team leader and blogger, Judy, is an inspiration as she encourages genealogists to reach out and help families in third world countries with micro-loans. Judy's enthusiasm for this project and her personal generosity know no bounds."

On behalf of the team... thank you! If you are new here... please join us! Together we are making a difference!
~ ~ ~


  1. If anyone deserves this award Judy, you do! Thank you for uniting and inspiring a disparate group of geneabloggers from round the world to help others less fortunate.

    1. Thanks Pauleen. It has been fascinating to watch the way team members from around the world have interacted (and, in some cases, met face to face and become friends in 'real life').


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