We enable people without access to traditional banks (including many women) to expand their businesses, educate their children, save for the future and raise themselves out of poverty. Through Kiva, a non-profit organisation working with microfinance institutions, you choose a borrower to support with a loan of just $25. Similar loans by other lenders are combined until the required total is reached. As your money is repaid you can withdraw it or lend it to someone else. Money that is loaned over and over again does more good than a one-time donation. Join 'Genealogists for Families' - together we are making a difference!

08 December 2012

Kiva Cards, Lost Emails and Short Loans

Kiva Cards and Gifts:  As you plan your Christmas shopping, please consider choosing Kiva Cards and other gifts that support the work of Kiva (I particularly like the piggybank and the calendar).

Lost Emails:  If you are not getting Kiva's emails, they may be in your spam folder. Most repayments go into your Kiva account on the 17th or 18th of the month, but they could arrive later. You might want to put a recurring reminder in your diary. If you are likely to be busy or away, set up Auto-Lending (you can cancel it later if you wish).

Short Term Loans:  I was recently asked how I had managed to make so many loans. My repayment installments cover the cost of several new loans each month, because I choose many short-term loans (as well as some longer ones). Each loan's page shows the Repayment Term (x.months) and Repayment Schedule (Monthly, Irregularly or End of term). If you don't know how to quickly select a short loan, see point 5 in Progress Report and Team Tips.
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Join Genealogists for Families. Together we are making a difference!

Team Loans in need of Funding

If you don't particularly need to select a loan for a specific area, occupation etc, you may be interested in adding your support to a borrower chosen by another team member.

There are several ways to identify team loans that are not yet fully funded. For example:
  • On the team page (the link opens in a new window), above the Family Tree logo, click 'Loans'.
  • At 'Loan statuses to display', select 'Raising Funds'.

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Join Genealogists for Families. Together we are making a difference!