We enable people without access to traditional banks (including many women) to expand their businesses, educate their children, save for the future and raise themselves out of poverty. Through Kiva, a non-profit organisation working with microfinance institutions, you choose a borrower to support with a loan of just $25. Similar loans by other lenders are combined until the required total is reached. As your money is repaid you can withdraw it or lend it to someone else. Money that is loaned over and over again does more good than a one-time donation. Join 'Genealogists for Families' - together we are making a difference!

08 December 2012

Team Loans in need of Funding

If you don't particularly need to select a loan for a specific area, occupation etc, you may be interested in adding your support to a borrower chosen by another team member.

There are several ways to identify team loans that are not yet fully funded. For example:
  • On the team page (the link opens in a new window), above the Family Tree logo, click 'Loans'.
  • At 'Loan statuses to display', select 'Raising Funds'.

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Join Genealogists for Families. Together we are making a difference!


  1. Just received some money as an inheritance and thought I might add to some of these group loans.

    1. What a lovely idea, Sue. I hope your generosity brings as much happiness to you as it will to the people you are helping through Kiva!