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14 January 2016

The How and Why of Auto-Lending (updated)

This is an updated version of a 'tip' that I originally posted in 2012. It reflects recent changes to the Kiva Web site.

Many Kiva loans are repaid in monthly installments, but there may be times when you cannot check your Kiva credit on repayment day (for example, if you are travelling, ill or just very busy). To avoid leaving money sitting idle when it could be used for another loan, or to control what happens to your Kiva credit when you depart this life, you can, as a precaution, set up Auto-Lending.

This means that if you have $25 in credit but don't log in within a certain time (which you specify), Kiva can act for you to allocate that credit to a new loan. You can (if you wish) control this by setting criteria such as countries, sectors, risk rating, repayment term, gender, etc, as shown in the example on the right.

It's easy to do. Just log in to Kiva, select 'Settings', then (in the drop-down list) 'Credit'; scroll down to 'Auto-Lending Settings', set your preferences, and click 'Save'.

Check your account settings now. Do they suit the way you use Kiva? Did you choose an appropriate option for 'Inactivity settings' and 'Auto-Lending settings'?
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