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15 July 2013

Inside History's Top 50 Blogs for 2013

It was a thrill and an honour to see that Genealogists for Families was chosen as one of Inside History's Top 50 Genealogy Blogs for 2013.

Many other blogs that made the list are written by members of our team. How many of them can you identify?

(Hint:  some, but not all, are featured in our Meet the Team series.)
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18 May 2013

Bonus Loans and Inviting Friends

You can only see who joins Kiva because of you if they join by clicking on your personal referral link. You can put this in emails, blogs, Web pages, Facebook posts, tweets, etc.

Log in and look under 'Portfolio / Invite friends' - or to invite people to join Kiva and the 'Genealogists for Families' team, quote the link shown on www.kiva.org/team/genealogists/recruit.

If you earn a free 'bonus loan' because someone joins Kiva via your personal referral link, you only have 7 days to use that $25 credit. Kiva contacts you when you receive a bonus, but in case their emails end up in your spam folder and you overlook them, I suggest that you log in and check your credit once a week.

Do your account settings allow Kiva to email you? Log in and check 'Account / Email preferences'.
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07 January 2013

Rest in Peace, Joan Miller

Joan Miller
It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Joan Miller, 'Genealogists for Families' co-captain, has lost her year-long battle with cancer. On behalf of all members of the project's Kiva team, I extend deepest sympathy to Joan's family and friends. I am sorry that I never met Joan in person because we were on opposite sides of the world, but I treasured our on-line friendship.

Joan's daughter Heather has asked that commemorative loans or donations in memory of her mother should be made through Kiva and 'Genealogists for Families'. You can either:

(1) Make an ordinary Kiva loan, with repayments going to you so that you can re-lend the money as it is repaid. If you write about it in your blog, put a link in a comment below so that I can add it to the list of team members' commemorative loans.


(2) Make what Kiva calls a 'dedicated loan'. During the checkout process, in 'My Basket', select the option 'Dedicate this loan'. With a Dedicated Loan, repayments will be donated to Kiva instead of being returned to you.

In her 'Meet the Team' profile, Joan said that she chose field partners with at least a 3-star rating and a low delinquency rate. Several of her loans were to women in the Philippines. For my commemorative loan I therefore followed Joan's example by choosing Luna in the Philippines, who supports her family by making crafts with shells.
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