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20 October 2016

Making Money for Kiva via Online Surveys

This is an updated version of an earlier post.

Doing online surveys is an easy way to raise money for Kiva and other non-profit organisations (or for your 'genealogy wish-list').

Reputable sites do not generate spam emails or unwanted phone calls (and in most cases you can avoid giving them your phone number). Some of the surveys are conducted by Universities. Others involve trying new products, and I have 'tested' icecreams, cereal, kitchen wipes, teabags etc.

Some sites pay cash to your bank account or PayPal account. Others let you choose a gift card (Coles/Myer, Woolworths/Caltex, Amazon, iTunes, Bunnings, etc). Details are usually in FAQ or Help.

Survey panels to which I belong include (in order of preference):
  1. Pure Profile: Available to residents of many countries. This site is my favourite, and I always earn at least $400 per year here. PureProfile pays you 5c-20c even if you are screened out of a survey. Each time you log in, click 'Surveys' to see what's currently available. You will qualify for more surveys if you log in every day (or as often as possible). The surveys will be more relevant if you answer the occasional 'profile' questions about your preferences and interests.

  2. YouGov. Well designed surveys on a wide range of topics, and a good rewards system.

  3. Australian Meal Panel: For Australians only. When asked for the 5 digit pin, enter 86127. You earn money by doing a 3-minute survey about food approximately once per month, and you receive extra payments if you send in supermarket receipts when invited to do so. You will be paid via PayPal or by deposit to your bank account.

  4. MyView. You can redeem your points by chosing from a wide range of gift vouchers.
Don't despair if your earnings are low at first. In my experience, it gets better. Many surveys are targeted to specific groups, so you will increase your chances of being invited to relevant surveys if you answer the questions in your 'profile', update them periodically, and (if applicable) do the 'welcome survey' when you join.

Genealogists for Families members with some spare time may find surveys a good way to fund extra Kiva loans - or to earn money to buy family history documents (wills, birth death and marriage certificates, etc).